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Go on Chile Tours and explore Chile’s wild geography. When flying North to South in Chile, you go from dry and hot deserts to the end of the world covered in ice and glaciers. In between, you pass through the Mediterranean basin over 800 miles long, the verdant lake district and northern Patagonia. Most of it is pristine, virgin and untouched. It’s a huge playground of mountains, sea, fjords, volcanoes, vineyards, deserts, rivers, the mysterious Easter Island and similarly, vibrant cultures. You could spend a lifetime exploring all the nooks and crannies of Chile and never get bored. Chile’s nature is inspiring and divine.

Chile ‘s Miditerranean Coastline

With one of the few Mediterranean areas in the world, Chile is where you’ll find many of the world class vineyards producing a staggering amount of varietals. Chile’s wine can be summed up in a couple words: quality and diversity.

With 2,600-plus miles of coastline, there is some serious seafood in this country. Much of Chile’s fishing industry is still artisan as fishermen head out into the cold waters in small, wooden fishing boats to procure dozens of varieties of fish from corvinato to congrioto vieja. In some places, they still harpoon the fish from the rocks. On any day, you can walk to Santiago’s Mercado Central and have 15 different kinds of fish. In Southern Chile, you can feast on black-lipped oysters all year round.

Santiago has one of the world’s most spectacular settings. The Chilean capital is framed by a circle of mountains. The city’s spirit matches the grandeur of its landscape. Visitors are treated to a flourishing arts scene, fine museums, a booming cafe culture and a huge range of activities at the doorstep of the mountains, making Santiago one of the world’s most exhilarating cities. Santiago is vibrant, ever changing, and reflecting the prosperity happening in all of Chile. The Financial Times called Santiago Latin America’s city of the future. We agree.

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