Unspoiled coast, wild jungle, archaeological ruins, culture and coffee. Great, great coffee. Colombia boasts all of South America’s allure, and more.

There’s just something about Colombia. On Colombia Tours you will experience the beautiful, colourful, friendly, welcoming, fun, energetic and lovable country.

Colombia offers an off-the-radar treasure trove of cinematic cobblestoned towns and villages that feel like they are stuck in a different century, content to carry on as they have since the departure of the Spanish without a care in the world.

The equatorial position of the country gives it a diversity of landscapes matched by few countries. From warm Caribbean sands to coffee-strewn, green hilltops. Continue up in altitude and there’s Bogotá the third-highest capital city in the world. Throw in another few thousand meters and you find snowcapped peaks, high-altitude lakes and the unique vegetation of the páramo. The bottom drops out as the Andes give way to Los Llanos, 550,000-sq-km of tropical grasslands often called the Serengeti of South America.

The varied terrain is paradise for outdoor adventurers to dive, climb, raft, trek and soar. Some of the continent’s most iconic trekking is here, wether you fancy a multiday jungle walk or a hike on the highest reaches of the Andes. Colombia also offers world-class reefs which are heaven for scuba divers. Whale-watchers on the Pacific coast can see majestic humpbacks in the wild.

Colombia is the 2nd biggest coffee producer and the biggest producer of Arabica coffee, which is considered the highest quality bean. Cultivation, processing, trading, transportation and marketing of coffee provide employment to many people.

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This cultural tour of Colombia is guaranteed to blow your mind with graffiti art, cooking classes, coffee factories and more!

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