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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Keep On Travel is regulated by the ”Travel Guarantee Funds Act no 1101 of September 3rd 2015” as a Danish tour operator and travel agent.


In the following, we will ensure that you as a traveller with Keep On Travel are made ​​aware of the contractual basis so that it is clearly communicated upon booking. It is therefore important that you are aware of the basis of the agreement, consisting of offer and invoice, itinerary, general provisions and practical travel information. Is the travel purchased through the Keep On Travel website (, it is assumed that the traveller understands the contractual basis and conditions. Reservations are made for general writing and pricing errors.

1) On the forwarded itinerary we present data and information such as names, itinerary, events , etc. Moreover we will indicate any deviations from the information on the website and general terms and conditions. Regardless of what is stated elsewhere in the forwarded material, the information on the itinerary and invoice together constitutes the agreement. 2) Our general terms and conditions are in accordance with the law governing the travel trade in Denmark and the EU. These terms and conditions must be seen in context with the itinerary, invoice, program AND our practical travel information. If there are special provisions for your journey it will be stated in the invoice or the itinerary.
3) In connection with our tours we forward practical travel information. This is a courtesy to our participants, but should be read, as they may also contain information of a formal nature. It is therefore taken for granted and assumed that the traveller always has acquainted him or herself thoroughly with all the information in this material.

Practical Information

Below you can read all our terms and conditions.

  1. Registration

By registering for one of our tours, we must have your full name as it is registered in your passport, a copy of your passport and your date of birth. Registration is binding for participant and agency once Keep On Travel receives the deposit.

  1. Payment terms

When registering, you pay the specified deposit. If you want to purchase cancellation insurance through Keep On Travel, this must be paid simultaneously with the deposit. Please note that some packaged tours have special conditions and stricter cancellation terms. This will be stated on the invoice. The balance must typically be paid no later than 60 days before departure, or the date stated on the invoice. If the deadline for payment of the balance is not met, the obligation of Keep On Travel to supply, lapses.

2.1 Payment

Keep On Travel accepts payments via SWIPP/MobilPay, credit card or via bank transfer. The traveller must be aware that it is the travellers own responsibility that the full invoice amount is in Keep On Travels accounts on the due date. Payment is also possible via credit card on our website. On these type transactions the card issuer typically charges a transaction fee that can vary from card to card.

Right of refusal: For the purchasing of packaged travel there shall be no right of refusal, (see the Danish Consumer Contracts Act § 2, no. 4.)

Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, the following cancellation policy applicable (we point out that there may be extraordinary costs associated with individual travel, these will then be applied to the invoice):

  • If the tour is cancelled after final confirmation and paying of the deposit, flights and potential cancellation insurance, the full sum is lost.
  • If the cancellation happens 95-60 days before departure a fee of 75% of the price in addition to the cost of any issued tickets.
  • If the cancellation happens later than 59 days before departure, the entire price of the trip lost.
  • Greater cancellation fees may be stated on the invoice in case of advance payments or payments by rapid issuance of flight tickets, hotel bookings or other services.
  • It should be emphasized that flight tickets most frequently have a 100% cancellation fee. ‘

If there within a period of 14 days before departure occurs natural disasters, acts of war, deadly infectious diseases and other similar events, the trip can be cancelled free of charge if the Foreign Department of your home country advise against traveling to that area and that the events occurred after the booking of the travel.

  1. Cancellation Insurance

An issue of insurance is the sole responsibility of the traveller. When booking, you should consider whether you want to take out cancellation insurance or if you are covered in advance. Cancellation insurance must be taken out simultaneously with the booking. The insurance premium will, as with that the deposit, be non-refundable in connection with any cancellation.

  1. Names – full details and flights 

The traveller/travellers must give his/her full name when booking. This shall be consistent with the details in the current passport. It is your responsibility – and can NOT be changed after booking. Any costs associated with incorrect given name will be borne by the traveller. If we have not received correct information could result in very significant fees (up to 100% of the flight tickets as some airlines are very draconian on this matter). All times listed on the itinerary are in local time. Changes may occur if the itinerary is prepared a long time prior to the change from and to daylight saving time or seasonal or other changes in airline schedules. It is therefore important that you check departure times on the issued ticket – and re-checks before the home or onward travel. Usually, check-in is two hours before departure, which means that you must check-in at the designated time. You must arrange check-in in time, to avoid problems with your flight reservation – it’s not enough to have the airport in sight – check-in must be completed.

5.1 Changes to flights

There may be changes from the airline in the period from booking to departure, that Keep On Travel cannot be held liable for or change. These changes will be communicated to you as soon as we are notified by the airlines or its representatives. Always check the current airline for the exact check-in and departure times. These will appear on the company’s website and most often also on the departure airports website. There may be changes on Gate and terminals along the way. Please always refer to the screens at the airport along the way. If you want changes to the itinerary, routing, extension or cancellation, this can only be done if this is clearly stated in the itinerary or invoice, otherwise it is generally flights that are non-changeable/non-refundable.

  1. Itinerary

Upon booking, you will receive an itinerary. This includes a flight schedule with the current – local – flight departure and arrival times and – if relevant – an itinerary of events that includes what you have booked at the destination. The itinerary includes hotel, transfer/transport, car rental, excursions etc. Very extensive and highly customised events will be listed in a special annex. If you participate in a group tour with a guide or on a fixed program event, you will not normally receive this at home.

  1. Passport and visa

It is the obligation of the traveller to examine visa rules for the entire journey and obtain all relevant visa and to ensure that the passport is valid a minimum of 6 months after returning. Do you plan to change the travel routing and/or duration of the trip; significantly different visa rules may apply. You also have an obligation to carry a valid passport and to apply for any relevant visa, as well as provide the agency with correct information such as name and nationality. We must point out that the processing time for visa for certain countries may be many weeks. We assume no responsibility for clients who for some unknown reason are rejected on entry. Some countries require appropriate currency possession and valid return ticket on arrival.

  1. Termination of travel

If the customer for one reason or another interrupts a journey or stay – or return at an earlier time than scheduled in the program or itinerary, there will be no refund for missed events. In addition, the cost of transportation and/or accommodation shall be borne by the customer.

  1. Requirement for vaccinations

We provide information about vaccination opportunities but not on measures recommended or statutory requirements that must be obtained from a doctor. When we give information about prophylactic vaccinations it must be considered a service without responsibility. The international yellow certificate must document the fulfillment of vaccination requirements.

  1. Changes to prices

Under the current legislation, the organizer can increase the agreed price as a result of: increasing transport costs (including fuel prices and fuel surcharges), changed taxes, charges, fees and changes in exchange rates. The price is adjusted if the exchange rate is changed 4% at the time where the residual payment is received.

Changes from the customer in an booked and confirmed event triggers a fee for the ticket (often an entirely new flight ticket) and a re-confirmation fee of € 125 in addition to any other direct costs for hotels/event etc.

  1. Cancelation

If there are not sufficient participants for a group trip, this can be cancelled until 30 days before departure (although we aim to notify within 45 days of departure). We typically arrange tours for a minimum of 10 participants, unless otherwise specified in the program. A tour can also be cancelled due to external circumstances that our partners and we have no influence over or have been able to foresee (force majeure related issues). In the above cases the customer has no right to compensation apart from a reimbursement of the price of the travel. In case of the above we will always endeavor to offer a real alternative.

  1. Changes to the course of the trip

Keep On Travel may make smaller adjustments and changes to the course of the trip after booking. The legislation unfortunately does not take in to consideration adventure traveling such as trekking tours, expeditions and cultural adventure – where travel changes in the interest of the traveller may happen – and often takes place. On a large number of our adventure travel, we work very late changes (to the extent possible) to create the best possible trip taking into account the weather and other local conditions and events. Our responsibility does not go beyond the limitations of the international rules and conventions. This means in practice that there is only scope for very limited compensations for even major delays (on a par with what many credit card insurance will offer, who also will make counterclaims against the company). In adventure travel and trekking trips and expeditions the participants must be prepared for quite a few changes in the route sequence. This is very important to realize at home before you book and accept during the journey.

  1. Injury and insurance

All travellers must be properly insured, this is an indispensable requirement. This is especially relevant for health and repatriation insurance, etc. It is a prerequisite for participation in the journey that you will act responsibly and considerate, following Keep On Travel instructions.

  1. Taxes and fees

A number of taxes and fees are charged at ticket booking, these are included in the price. Some local taxes cannot be collected in advance and must be paid on the return journey. These vary but are often around 30 US $.

  1. Your responsibility as traveller

You must acquaint yourself with our practical information. As already mentioned, your participation in the actual travel is prerequisite on your familiarity with the given information, including information from itineraries and travel plans and that you follow these instructions. It should also be noted that you are expected to be familiar with the general public information about the current political, health and environmental and climatic situation at your destination. You must also follow the instructions of our guides.


  1. Prices and fee’s at Keep On Travel
  • Fee to the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (included in the travel price)
  • Product liability insurance (included I the travel price)
  • Bankruptcy insurance for airlines at flight only bookings: 3 € to the Travel Guarantee Fund
  • Invoice fee: Per invoice 20 €
  • Visa Through Keep On Travel: € 75 per visa
  • Changes to confirmed bookings: per booking: € 125 plus direct associated costs for accommodation/events etc. Name changes against booked name – only where possible.
  • Changes in a confirmed trip less than 60 days before departure less than 60 days before departure is considered a new booking.
  1. Deficiencies and complaints

If you find deficiencies, defects or issues missing after the start of the trip, you must immediately advice Keep On Travel by telephone +45 2464 0630, as well as advising our local representative, to give us the opportunity to remedy the problem. Failing to advice appropriately, will loose you the right to subsequently claim refund for the defect. You cannot claim a proportionate reduction in price or refund if the rectification is done within a reasonable time and without cost or significant inconvenience. Have the defect caused significant disadvantage, there can be made a payable reimbursement.


Keep On Travel is a member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund no. 2621


NB: All prices are based on flights from Scandinavian capitals




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