Amazon Marathon

Run a marathon in the Amazon rainforest

On November 13th the most anticipated marathon of the year in Peru will take place. 42km through forests, plantations of Cocoa, Cafe and Banana. This marathon is for those arriving both physically and mentally prepared to face this challenge by the Peruvian Rainforest.

Amazon Race Forest (ARF) is located in a small town named San Roque de Cumbaza, in the district of San Martin in Peru. Peru is a country known for it’s big mountains, the Andes, but more than 60% of its territory is in the Amazon jungle. The race takes place in the mountainside of the Amazon rainforest.

This is the sixth year of ARF. It was created in partnership with the regional Government to develop new activities that will promote tourism in the region and in the entire country.

The race is run on two main types of terrain. Inside the forest you will follow single tracks that can have a lot of leaves and wood sticks that has been accumulating for many many years. Sometimes you won’t even touch the ground but run on a 50 to 80 cm high natural cushion! You will cross a lot of small streams and it can be muddy near the water. There are a lot of small up hills and down hills as well.

Out of the forest, you will run on trails used by coffee farmers which are a little bigger than single tracks but are pretty tough though, because of the passing of horses and mules that leave a lot of holes and there’s also a lot of mud! There may not be a big up or down hill, but there are a lot of little ones.

Besides this extraordinary marathon this journey offers a bunch of culture and nature experiences. You will visit the famous Blue Lagoon, get a special city tour of Lama and experience Lima like the Peruvians. For Peruvians, sharing cuisine represents more than just eating — it represents knowledge, tradition, home life, and, of course, fun. So fancy learning how Peruvians cook? There’s no place like home to start. You will be refueled after your marathon with ceviche and pisco sours straight from the original source.