Cool Colombia

This cultural tour of Colombia will probably blow your mind

Colombia is very misunderstood. Although bad traffic and pollution are a reality somewhere, the country has a unique character and that will make you feel like home instantly. Big part of this lays on its people, probably the friendliest in South America and maybe in the world. Colombia has art, culture, history, coffee, great food, beautiful people, modern buildings and charm. On this tour you will experience it all.

The tour starts in the beautiful capital, Bogotá. With more than 7 million people and 2640 meters above sea level this city will impress you. An art & graffiti tour will really make you understand the colourful culture in Colombia.

You will experience the Colombian Coffee region and pay a visit to a coffee factory to see why the Colombian coffee is so famous. The region  is  by  many visitors  considered to  be  the  most  beautiful  region  of  the  country,  with  its  mild spring-like climate year round, friendly people and breathtaking natural beauty. The people in the region have a unique laid back charm. The hustle and bustle of the big cities is readily forgotten, hospitality and friendship take on a new meaning: there is always time for a coffee or a beer and a chat. And although Tourism around here is growing substantially you still can feel the tranquility of the countryside together with the vast nature you will get up close and personal with on a jeep safari.

You will discover the infamous Medellin, which is now one of the most innovative metropolises in the world, and Cartagena also known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean” which is the main destination for  culture  and  history.  In  1984,  Cartagena  was  declared  as  a  World  Culture  Heritage  by  UNESCO.  The city  combines  an  impressive  modern  and  colonial  architecture  founded  by  Spaniards.  It  preserves  the past and the memories of the struggles of that time.

All in all you will get the very best of what Colombia has to offer.