Keep On Travel Adventure

Part of the adventure is getting where others never reach!

The Latin American continent is filled with adventure. Want to climb one of the Andes Mountains highest peaks, Aconcaqua in Argentina? With its 6,962 meters, it is the highest mountain outside the Himalayas. Would you like to cross one of the world’s driest non-polar deserts of Atacama in Chile? Amazon rainforest hardly need introduction and the wild and rugged Patagonia is widely described in travel literature.

The adventure is available in so many flavors – Trecking in the Andes mountains, river rafting on the rivers of the Amazon, motorcycling tours that follow in Che Guevara and “The Motorcycle Diaries ” footsteps or perhaps skiing or snowboarding in July. Keep on Travel offer you all of this and much, much more.

Family, Fun & Sun

This is a safe and educational adventure that will appeal to all members of your family.

FROM: EURO 1,895

travel, road, adventure, bike, motorcycleMotorcycle Diaries

Imagine yourself traveling through Latin America on a motorcycle. We can fulfil that dream for you.

FROM: EURO 6,195

Xandari Honeymoon Costa RicaHoneymoon Action

This action packed honeymoon is the perfect romantic getaway for both the bride & the groom.

FROM: EURO 3,295

Romantic Escape

Costa Rica is the destination, if you desire to be surrounded by natural calm settings.

FROM: EURO 2,095

Family Adventure

Discover and enjoy nature with your family on this beautiful and fun family adventure in Costa Rica.

FROM: EURO 2,295

Volcano, motorcycle adventure, keep on travel, rejser, latin amerikaMotorcycle Tour

Experience raw nature on this motorcycle adventure tour through Costa Rica.

FROM: EURO 3,295