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For anyone interested in culture Latin America is the place to go.

There are an infinite number of cultural experiences on the South American continent.

The architectural aspect ranges from the pre-Columbian Inca masterpiece to the magical Machu Picchu, from the fantastic fortifications and fortified towns built by the Spanish conquistadors to modern metropolises with old districts that send you back to Europe a hundred years ago.

Starting from late January to early March you can experience the Carnival season, a festive tradition, in Latin America. Its meant as a final chance to celebrate and have a good time before the solemn rituals of Lent, and celebrating they do – with music and dance. Latin America has a strong tradition of evolving dance styles that are very energetic. For example, mambo, salsa, cha-cha-cha, rumba and probably the most recognizable, the tango! With each unique style comes different style of music, steps, rhythms, and counts.

You will se the difference between Europe and Latin America right away. A great emphasis is placed on the emotional relationships with family and close friends. Any decisions and behavior of each individual in the extended family are based largely on pleasing the family. Maybe thats one of the reasons its some of the happiest countries worldwide! As of 2014, the poll data from Gallup indicates that the top 10 countries listed on the Positive Experience Index were all from Latin America.

Latin America has it all and it is entirely up to you what you want to experience.

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