Keep On Travel Nature

The Latin American nature offers everything from high mountains and rainforest to desert and the pampas and the white sandy beaches!

Want to climb one of the Andes Mountains highest peaks, Aconcaqua in Argentina? With its 6,962 meters, it is the highest mountain outside the Himalayas. Would you like to cross one of the world’s driest non-polar deserts of Atacama in Chile? Amazon rainforest hardly need introduction and the wild and rugged Patagonia is widely described in travel literature. Keep On Travel’s Nature trips has something for every nature lover.

With an entire continent’s wildlife you will never finish the list of fascinating animals you can experience in Latin America.

Keepon Travel has already developed a small niche in birds and nature trips since we have a great interest in this area. We work with a number of ornithological associations to send birdwatching travelers from all over Europe to the big bird fairs in Columbia.

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Tailored Alligator wild peruWild Peru

A Wildlife Tour off the beaten track in Peru. Ideal for keen birders and general wildlife lovers alike.

FROM: EURO 4,095

Sunset at Torres Del PaineChile Bucketlist

Take a tour of Chile – one of the most versatile countries in the World. From Santiago to Patagonia.

FROM: EURO 6,095

Glacier Alley WorldEnd of The World

From Santiago to Buenos Aires via Cape Horn. Visit the End of The World on this bucket list tour.

FROM: EURO 6,195