Keep On Travel Passion

Our Passion Travels let you indulge in your passion

Do you have a special passion for birding? Are you a foodie, a lover of wine or do you travel following the waves for surfing? Do you love speak fishing or do you want to learn all about coffee to become the best barista in town?

You are very lucky!

We think about passion the same way that we think about talent. Not everyone is gifted with it. Even if they are, not everyone has the bravery or the opportunity to embrace their passion. In order to survive, most of us choose to be practical rather than passionate. Keep on Travel makes it easier for you to live out your passion.

travel, road, adventure, bike, motorcycleMotorcycle Diaries

Imagine yourself traveling through Latin America on a motorcycle. We can fulfil that dream for you.

FROM: EURO 6,195

patagonia marathonPatagonia Marathon

Participate in a Marathon in one of most beautiful places in the world. Patagonian Marathon 2017.

FROM: EURO 2,795

amazon marathon peruAmazon Marathon

Run a marathon in the Amazon rainforest. The most anticipated race of the year in Peru.


fuglerejser costa rica birdingBirding Costa Rica

Get a full birding adventure in beautiful Costa Rica – home to over 880 bird species.

FROM: EURO 4,495