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Unique Tours of Latin America

Tours have to be unique! Otherwise, what is the point?

You can go on simple holidays with sun, sea, sightseeing and relaxation, but that is not what we are about! We want to look at it in a different way. We want you, our customers, to come away with a changed perspective on travel, with a broader mind and with experiences in your luggage that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

So what we offer is unique.

We will take you places very few others have ever visited. You will walk amongst locals, not just observe them from a distance. We will blow your mind with beauty and serenity hand in hand with vistas so magnificent and awe-inspiring it will take your breath away.

And we promise you will come home a changed person understanding why we crave uniqueness.

This is possible because we engage with the best in local knowledge, network and operational excellence. We use local guides because they really know what we don’t!

Our Tours literally takes you to the end of the World and back again. Traveling on the edge. Thousands have gone down route 66 in the US on Harley Davidson’s and have had a grand experience – we send you down gravel roads to Patagonia on a BMW 650 – it’s dirty, it’s hard and it’s magnificent. And the same goes for our gourmet wine & food tours through Chile and Argentina, our birdwatching on the edge of the Amazon. You can get gourmet and birdwatching with other operators but we aim for the unique. We will take you to the edge on our hiking/trekking tours and you are always safe with our guides, whether you travel by boat, motorcycle, on horseback or by foot.

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Glacier Alley WorldEnd of The World

From Santiago to Buenos Aires via Cape Horn. Visit the End of The World on this bucket list tour.

FROM: EURO 6,195

Sunset TailoredCool Colomia

Experience the cultural Colombia and it’s graffiti art, cooking classes, coffee factories and more!

FROM: EURO 3,195

Sunset at Torres Del PaineChile Bucket List

Take a tour of Chile – one of the most versatile countries in the World.

FROM: EURO 6,095

Ushuaia world tour argentinaAll of Argentina

Tango, Malbec & Empanadas. You will indulge in all Argentinian on this wonderful journey.

FROM: EURO 3,595

antarctica sealsTour Antarctica

This amazing adventure takes you from the magical Buenos Aires to the mythical Antarctica.

FROM: EURO 5,195